Tuesday, May 22, 2012


 Once again I slacked off on the blog posting, so here's a big general update so I can maybe get back into it again!

Mitch is ... still working (ha).  He recently went to New York City for work so I tagged along and brought Addy and  Lucas.  It was a fun trip, but next year I'm thinking I should go and not bring any kids.  :)

We are both still running.  We ran the Disney Princess half marathon in February to raise money for Rett Syndrome, and I've been trying to be more consistent with my running since then.  It's been going well, except my knee has been hurting this week which is really bumming me out.  I had knee problems when we ran the Chicago marathon and I was hoping that by keeping my running slow and steady I'd avoid having problems again but that doesn't appear to be the case.  I'm taking this week off and hoping  it goes away.

Addy is finishing up 3rd grade and despite some struggles at the beginning of the year her grades have been great.  Her getting straight A's was the reason we rewarded her with a trip to NYC, which she LOVED.  I think she loved the pizza the most.

Riley is finishing up Kindergarten and still seems to enjoy school.  She recently celebrated her 7th birthday and I guess I'm having a hard time believing she's getting so big because I caught myself saying she was 5 the other day.  oops!  I'm sort of dreading her next appointment at UAB because her weight is still so low.  Remember when I was trying to be so diligent feeding her and trying to get her to gain weight?  Well she lost a 1/2 pound that month.  At least I can truly say I tried.

Morgan is our little athlete.  She loves playing tennis and is still taking dance classes.  She starts Kindergarten at the big school next year!  I can see her being a little scared at first, but thankfully she has Addy there to show her around at first.

Lucas is 8 months old now!  He has 3 teeth and one on the way.  He is sitting up and scooting around well, but not quite crawling yet.  He's been on hands and knees for a long time but his legs haven't figured out how to move forward yet.  He is so much fun!

Funny how I have one picture of each kid and 2 of Sadie.  Sadie recently celebrated her 11th birthday.  Wow!  She is starting to show her age some, but other times still acts like a puppy.  We hope we have a few more years with her!

 We made her homemade dog cookies for her birthday.  She gave them the thumbs up!

And that's our very brief, general update.  School is out in 2 days for the summer and I'm wondering how I'm going to survive with 4 kids.  We have a few mini trips though - including IRSF's annual conference which is in New Orleans this year.  We are taking the whole family, should be fun!