Friday, January 13, 2012

boring BMI stuff

This is mostly for my information, so I can look back on here and see where we were at. I'm trying to be better about keeping track of how much we actually feed Riley to see where we can fit in more calories to get her weight up.

By my measurements at home she is 43" tall and weighs 34 pounds, which puts her BMI at 12.9, which is where it was last June at her UAB appointment. I know they'd love to see it over 13 so I'm really hoping she can pack on a few pounds by then. I always feed her yogurt as an after school snack and now I've switched it to ice cream (the other two girls are insanely jealous, let me tell you). The only problem so far is she seems to eat less dinner now that her afternoon snack has more fat and calories, but hopefully she's still coming out ahead a little. I'm going to do this for a month and see where we are in February.

Just for comparison, Addy's BMI is 15.0 (24th percentile) and Morgan's is 15.5 (60th percentile). Riley is in the 1st percentile, so yeah, she needs to gain a little.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A trip to the beach for the New Year

We decided to take a quick trip to the beach this year to ring in the new year as a family. The first day the weather was warm enough - about 70˚ - but the water was freezing, at least to me. I took a walk on the beach with Addy, Morgan and Lucas and Addy and Morgan begged me to go swimming. I said no, it's too cold, no one else is swimming etc. Next thing I knew they both "accidentally" fell into the water with their clothes on so they had to take them off and they just happened to have their swimsuits on underneath. Go figure! They are totally crazy. They had fun splashing in the waves though.
Lucas didn't have much to say about the beach. A few minutes after he first saw the beach he fell asleep in my arms. Riley and Mitch never even made it down because after Riley woke up from her nap it started raining.
Pretty sunset
Addy and Morgan watching the pretty sunset
Since it wasn't exactly beach weather (at least to sane people) we spent a lot of time in the indoor pool.

Look a real live mermaid!
Addy and Morgan got mermaid tails for Christmas. They are really cute!!
Riley is wondering if anyone notices she's floating around all by herself
She was happy to be in the pool!
Handsome little man
Overall a nice weekend with the family. The car ride was a little rough at times though and makes me wonder how we're going to survive the trip to Disney World next month which is more than double the distance! Earplugs?