Thursday, December 29, 2011


Rather than scanning in our card I'll just post the picture we used for cards. It's our first time doing a family photo - not too bad! We couldn't get Riley to smile much, though. I'm starting to think she doesn't like having her picture taken.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were nice overall. Christmas Eve felt rushed and a little stressed to me, so I need to figure out how to change that for next year. But the kids seemed to enjoy everything so I guess that's what matters most!
Sadie likes her new dog bed, we think. Now if we can just get her to sleep in it overnight instead of the chair in our bedroom!
Lucas LOVES his new jumperoo. :)
Riley got a new swing from Santa. We have yet to try it out but I know she uses the same one at school and loves it, so hopefully we'll get lots of use out of it at home too!
And that's about the extent of the pictures I took. Pretty bad. New Years Resolution #1 is to take more pictures!