Monday, June 13, 2011

UAB Visit

Riley had her 6-month checkup with Dr. Percy and Jane Lane at UAB. She will now go yearly rather than every 6 months. Mitch took her by himself since I was on the coast playing in our state tennis tournament (rough, I know). So I don't have a lot of details but wanted to make a record of the basic info from the appointment.

The good news is she gained weight since last time - she weighs about 32 pounds now. She also grew in height so her BMI is still only 12.9, but they were happy that it went up from her last visit and at this time they see no need to talk about a feeding tube.

Also at her last appointment we had talked about weaning her off her seizure medication (depakote) since we haven't seen any seizures since she started it, but now they suggest leaving her on her current dosage and eventually she will just outgrow it and we can see if she starts having seizures. So that's our plan for now.

The only bummer of the appointment is that her spine has started to curve slightly. We had an x-ray done to get a record of the starting point and will continue to monitor it.

And that about sums it up!

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