Thursday, July 22, 2010

running update

We are finishing up week 7 of our training for the Chicago Marathon and unfortunately neither one of us has been doing much running.

Mitch was having some pain in his knee, to the point where he could hardly even walk. He saw a sports med doctor, had an MRI which thankfully found nothing. He likely has something with a tendon in his knee, so the doctor gave him a shot of something in the knee (ouch!) and told him no running or tennis until it didn't hurt.

As for me, I was out for a 15 mile run (my longest so far) a week and a half ago and all was going well until I hit mile 10. I felt a pain in my calf. Not quite a pull but it felt like it wanted to pull. I (probably stupidly) finished the last 5 miles and then consulted with Dr. Google who said it was a tear or strain in the soleus muscle, which is the muscle right below the big part of the calf. Everything I read said to rest it for at least a week so I did. I took spinning classes and did some deep water running.

Last Saturday we ran the Hit the Bricks 5K since we were already registered. We figured even if we had to walk it we still wanted to try. It was the first 5K we ran together last year, plus they have chick fil a chicken minis afterwards and I couldn't pass those up! Thankfully we both were able to run it relatively pain free! I also set a new PR of 26:37, so I'm getting closer to my goal of running a 26 minute 5K.

Here is a picture of Mitch and two random guys from the race. :)

So now that we were both able to run the 5K we are starting to get back into marathon training and will hopefully both run the Urban Wildland half marathon in Minnesota in a couple weeks. If anything it is sure to be cooler than the last half marathon I ran!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Visit with Dr. Percy

Riley had her 6-month appointment at UAB today which always makes for a good time. We ate at the Cheesecake Factory like usual and swam in the hotel pool the night before so the girls had fun.
Riley's weight is up to 29.8 which is exactly 1 pound more than last time so at least she's gaining. She also gained in height though so I think her BMI actually dropped. Gotta keep piling on the butter I guess. I am excited for the day she finally reaches 30 pounds - we are so close!