Saturday, June 5, 2010

Top 10 reasons Rett Syndrome is not all bad

It's hard not to focus on the negative, so I wanted to list some positives! I thought of a few of these on our recent trip to Colorado, if you can't tell. :)

  1. Closer parking spaces
  2. Getting moved to the front of the line at airport security
  3. Getting to board planes sooner
  4. Becoming friends with amazing people you wouldn't have otherwise met
  5. Discovering a strength you never knew you had
  6. How many people get to say they are truly inspired by their child?
  7. Really understanding what is important, and what is not
  8. Meeting people who are so compassionate, caring and generous it blows you away
  9. Appreciating the little things in life
  10. The look in her eyes that says peace, love, awareness and innocence all in one


Lauren said...

I love how you can pull some positives out of this situation - great job! Truly inspiring!

Erica said...

hooray for silver linings!

The MacDonald Family said...

agree :)

Joy Maner, Coordinator, The ASUP, Inc. said...

My daughter is 23 now, and I completely still agree!