Wednesday, June 2, 2010

IRSF Conference 2010

We are back from Colorado Springs and had a wonderful time! It was great to meet up with other families, learn some new ideas for different therapies and hear inspiring stories of hope for a cure!

  • The keynote speaker. A couple things she said really stuck out for me. One was that a bent and tarnished quarter has just as much value as a shiny new quarter. I'm going to remember this at our IEP meetings in the future! And she told us that if you can't get out of it, get into it!

  • The communication sessions are always favorites. It's so wonderful to hear people talk about and show videos of our girls showing off how smart they are!

  • The tribute reception! By far my favorite part of the weekend. We watched some amazing dancers, which Riley LOVED! Then Kevin Black sang. He is Clint Black's brother who had a daughter with Rett Syndrome that passed away a few years ago. And then we heard from a fabulous band from Nashville, the John Titlow Band. There was tons of great music and dancing!

Riley had tons of fun at the Tribute Reception!
Dancing with Daddy was the highlight for her I think

Does this look like a happy girl or what?

Riley walked right over to the band for some personal attention

And she got it!

We spent lots of time with the two couples we hung out with last year. Sunday night we all went out to dinner together. We had our own private room which was PERFECT for the kids. Made for a relaxing and fun dinner!

Here are the Dads with their special angels

All the kiddos

The parents! I feel really tall in this picture...

These annual conferences are just what I need to "recharge my batteries"!

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