Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I ran 12 miles

1.1 miles to go and I will have run a half marathon! 8 miles to go and I will have completed marathon training. I don't plan to go over 20 miles until the actual marathon, so going 8 more miles doesn't seem too horrible right now. Just a little horrible. :)

It wasn't that bad. The weather was warm (70-something at the start, 81 at the finish) and humid (96% humidity). My feet hurt (will my feet ever not hurt?) but my legs didn't ache like they did the first time I attempted 12 miles. I did get a side stitch from about mile 9 to mile 11 which sucked. I was able to keep running, but that thing hurt. Was it from the sports beans I ate at mile 7.5? Who knows.

BTW sports beans are yummy! I had half the packet about 30 minutes before I started running and finished the other half when we stopped to use the bathroom.

We stopped 4 times for a total of 4 minutes. First time was a potty break, then two stoplight pauses, and once to take a big swig of water.
The backs of my legs are a little sore today but nothing bad. I do have one tight muscle in the back of my right leg that has been tight for a while now so I plan to do lots of stretching today.

After my run I was starving - which would seem normal given I just burned over 1000 calories. Actually my heart rate monitor said I burned 2003 calories but it's always seemed too high. Normally I can't eat after a long run, my stomach feels sick if I try. But after the 12 miles I actually felt hungry so I treated myself to a chicken salad sandwich on a bagel from Beagle Bagel.

That might be my new post-long run splurge! It was delish.
Today is rest day, hooray!

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