Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Addy!

Addy turned 7 on January 23rd. 7!

Since she has been having an awesome 1st grade year, we decided to take her to Minneapolis, where she was born, for her birthday. It was just Mom, Dad and Addy. Riley and Morgan stayed home with Gramma. :)

We planned indoor activities - it is January in Minnesota! Saturday we went to the Mall of America where we spent lots of time at the American Girl store and riding rides at the amusement park.

Here is Addy with her American Girl dolls ready to go.
We met some friends of ours and the girls had dessert at American Girl Bistro.

Then we were off to ride some rides.

Mom wasn't a huge fan of the ferris wheel - too high! Addy loved it though.

Saturday evening and all day Sunday we spent at the indoor waterpark at our hotel. Saturday Uncle Bryan and his girlfriend hung out with us, and Sunday they came back as well as all Addy's cousins. It was a great time!

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