Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Swine Flu

Ok I am not usually much of a hypochondriac, but seriously. Riley is sick and I'm getting more and more worried. I don't think I've ever seen her this sick.

Compare to swine flu symptoms.

  • fever, which is usually high check - took her temp yesterday afternoon and it was 103.8. this is day 4 of fevers like that
  • cough check
  • runny nose or stuffy nose negative on that one at least
  • sore throat check. took her to the doctor Monday and she thought Riley had strep even though test was negative. Her throat is VERY red.
  • body aches hard to say on that one, she can't exactly tell me!
  • headache same as above
  • chills check - even Addy commented on how shaky Riley was yesterday
  • fatigue or tiredness, which can be extreme BIG check. I think Riley has been awake, oh, a TOTAL of 2 hours in the last 4 days?
  • diarrhea and vomiting (sometimes) check

When I took her to the doctor (not her regular doctor, who was booked up Monday) they drew blood but didn't actually tell me what it was for. I am VERY thankful Riley happens to have her regular 4 year checkup this afternoon with her doctor. She has been sleeping constantly and has hardly eaten a thing since Friday night. Ugh. :(


designwaitress said...

I'll be thinking of you guys! I am hoping that whatever it is will get knocked out of her by a good antibiotic. Hang in there. Thanks again for coming to my wedding. It was so special to have you all there. You're a great friend and I love your family so much! Talk to you when I get back from across the pond :)
XO, jessica

Karlie Grace said...

I hope she starts feeling better soon and doesn't have the flu! My eight year old had the flu not long ago and it wiped her out for two weeks! The high fever was lasted forever and was scary! Please update us when you can about her appointment! Thinking healthy thoughts :)