Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jessica's Wedding

We are back from our whirlwind weekend in Wisconsin!

The girls and I survived our drive from Mississippi to Wisconsin, and it actually wasn't that bad. Addy can be quite helpful when she wants to be. Mitch flew to Wisconsin Friday night (he was at a conference in New York) and spent the weekend with us. Then he and Addy flew home and my mom drove back with me, Riley and Morgan. It was a pretty exhausting weekend but so much fun!

The best part was ... Jessica is married!! She was such a beautiful bride - as you can see here!

Jessica had LOTS of kids in her wedding - so all the girls got to play a part. Addy was a "ring princess" :) and Riley and Morgan walked up and each placed a bird on a tree that represented a person that could not be at the wedding. Very sweet.

Unfortunately, most of the pictures were taken on my mom's camera and she inadvertently deleted them. I'm really hoping someone else took some of all the kids! At least we got a few.

Addy enjoyed every part of the weekend, especially the chance to wear Jessica's veil!

Instead of a cake Jessica had a table full of different desserts and Addy really liked that too, as did the rest of us!
The worst part about the weekend was that Riley got sick. You can see her in the previous picture sleeping in Gramma's arms which is where she spent most of Saturday. She at least woke up long enough to walk down the aisle during the wedding - with the help of Daddy and Aunt Becky. She has not been awake more than about 10 minutes at a time since Saturday. We hope she starts feeling better soon!!

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