Monday, May 18, 2009

IEP meeting and a big fat bummer

We had Riley's IEP meeting today for next school year. All went well with that - we agreed with their goals and didn't need to fight anything, not that we expected to. After it was over we stayed to talk with Riley's teacher and she dropped a bombshell on us - she's moving. :( She was supposed to be Riley's teacher next year and we LOVE her so we were so excited for that. She loves Riley too - she was crying while she was telling us. She has learned so much about Rett Syndrome and has become such an advocate for Riley. She is WONDERFUL. I cannot say enough good things about her. We are going to miss her. And it makes me sad that Riley only has 2 days left to be with her. :(


Caitlyn said...

big bummer!! I'm so sorry. See you guys this weekend?

Brooklyn and Kelly said...

Oh man, that IS a bummer! It is hard to let go of people that have made a speical connection with our girls!