Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Riley!!!

Guess who is 4 today!!

I set us all up on the local news channel's birthday club. Mitch is soooo excited to see his name pop up on his birthday (ha).

Yay for cake! I think she was more excited for the ice cream though.

We went with an aquarium theme, which turned out to be perfect since she got an aquarium video from Gramma! She fell asleep watching it a little while ago. :)

Here she is getting nice and snuggly with Addy, ready to watch her new video. Cuties. :)

Tonight we are going to a BBQ fundraiser for Hope Hollow Ministries. Should be fun!


Avery said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RILEY! hope it was a great day and love your cake!

The MacDonald Family said...

Happy Birthday Riley! You look so cute snuggled with your sister.

designwaitress said...

CUTE!!!! And I love that cake. Is that an Erin original? You've come a long way since her first birthday (okay, I'll take credit for that mess). :)