Wednesday, April 15, 2009

FMI, mostly

About a month or so ago, Riley switched to the generic form of Depakote. She was super duper crabby and it was really hard to get her to eat anything.

We switched her back to the brand name, went to the beach for Spring Break and within a day or two she was HAPPY HAPPY SO HAPPY! This was like the old Riley back again, back before September-ish when her crabbiness started.

We got back from spring break and her teacher commented on how wonderful she was - she really felt like Riley was getting the hang of communicating and paying attention more and just overall fantastic! She was also VERY vocal - lots of squealing and yelling out, but happy!

Last week she got sick and came down with croup and slept most of the week away. Now she is on the mend but crabbier. :( I want the happy happy Riley back, I LOVED having her here. I'm hoping she is still just sick a little and will continue to improve. When Riley is happy, we are all happier.

And just for the record, she is now 29 pounds and 39 inches! Wow, she might actually reach 30 pounds soon!!

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Avery said...

awesome Riley! you are getting to be such a big girl!