Wednesday, April 22, 2009

field trip

Riley's school took a field trip to downtown Jackson to visit Horses for Handicapped yesterday. Riley had so much fun! Morgan and I went with - and Mitch walked down to meet us for a little while since we were close to where he works.

First we visited the petting zoo - they had some odd looking animals!

After the petting zoo we got in the long line to ride the horses - and of course just when we got up there Riley fell asleep!

Her teacher woke her up and rode the horse with her. Riley was a little dazed throughout the ride. :)

After lunch we went home, took naps and were off to hippotherapy so it was a day full of horses, fun! Riley laughed and giggled through hippotherapy. We are 99% sure it was the Miralax causing the fussiness. We switched to milk of magnesia and are so much happier since!


Brooklyn and Kelly said...

Sure does look like a fun day Riley!!

Caitlyn said...

sounds like fun!! We also saw a lot of fussiness and gas from Miralax. I'm glad she is happy!