Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Riley!!!

Guess who is 4 today!!

I set us all up on the local news channel's birthday club. Mitch is soooo excited to see his name pop up on his birthday (ha).

Yay for cake! I think she was more excited for the ice cream though.

We went with an aquarium theme, which turned out to be perfect since she got an aquarium video from Gramma! She fell asleep watching it a little while ago. :)

Here she is getting nice and snuggly with Addy, ready to watch her new video. Cuties. :)

Tonight we are going to a BBQ fundraiser for Hope Hollow Ministries. Should be fun!

Friday, April 24, 2009

beautiful weather!

I really need to change my profile picture - it is definitely not winter here anymore! It has gotten up to 90 the last couple days and looks to be the same for the next few days. It's not a HOT 90 though so it feels great!

On Thursdays we have an hour to kill between Addy's dance and gymnastics classes so we have been going to the park since the weather has been so nice! I finally remembered to take my camera yesterday.

Mostly Riley and Morgan swing while Addy runs around and plays with whatever kids are there that day. :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

field trip

Riley's school took a field trip to downtown Jackson to visit Horses for Handicapped yesterday. Riley had so much fun! Morgan and I went with - and Mitch walked down to meet us for a little while since we were close to where he works.

First we visited the petting zoo - they had some odd looking animals!

After the petting zoo we got in the long line to ride the horses - and of course just when we got up there Riley fell asleep!

Her teacher woke her up and rode the horse with her. Riley was a little dazed throughout the ride. :)

After lunch we went home, took naps and were off to hippotherapy so it was a day full of horses, fun! Riley laughed and giggled through hippotherapy. We are 99% sure it was the Miralax causing the fussiness. We switched to milk of magnesia and are so much happier since!

Monday, April 20, 2009


No, not the game. Although I used to love playing that!

Riley is getting a BINGO chair. I had her evaluated today and this is what they recommend.

It folds, it tilts, it has a sunshade, and it pretty much looks like a stroller. It also looks heavy. But, it'll probably be nice for walks around the neighborhood or walks around the park. I know someone who has one for her son, and I'm going to call her to see how she likes it. But as of now they are ordering it and we should have it in a month and a half, or however long Medicaid takes to approve it. :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Can you tell who is who?

We finally hung some pictures on the wall and Mitch couldn't tell who was who with these. They do look alike, I guess!

And just in case you can't - it's Riley in the flower picture, at about 3 months, Addy on her hands and knees at about 6 months and Morgan in the last picture at 4 months.
This picture is obvious, don't you think? :-)


We had a good, but laid back Easter. When we got home from church the Easter Bunny had come! Riley sees the trail of jellybeans:
Morgan and Addy collected (and ate) them.

Morgan enjoyed feeding Riley jellybeans. If only she would feed her when we want her to!

Riley wasn't sure what to think of them at first.

This year the Easter bunny left clues that led them to their baskets. Addy is becoming quite the little reader and was able to read all the clues, and only stumbled on a few words! Go Addy!

FMI, mostly

About a month or so ago, Riley switched to the generic form of Depakote. She was super duper crabby and it was really hard to get her to eat anything.

We switched her back to the brand name, went to the beach for Spring Break and within a day or two she was HAPPY HAPPY SO HAPPY! This was like the old Riley back again, back before September-ish when her crabbiness started.

We got back from spring break and her teacher commented on how wonderful she was - she really felt like Riley was getting the hang of communicating and paying attention more and just overall fantastic! She was also VERY vocal - lots of squealing and yelling out, but happy!

Last week she got sick and came down with croup and slept most of the week away. Now she is on the mend but crabbier. :( I want the happy happy Riley back, I LOVED having her here. I'm hoping she is still just sick a little and will continue to improve. When Riley is happy, we are all happier.

And just for the record, she is now 29 pounds and 39 inches! Wow, she might actually reach 30 pounds soon!!