Monday, March 9, 2009

Morgan's 2nd Birthday

Here's my big baby on the day she was born. Morgan weighed in at 9lbs 7oz which was a full pound bigger than Riley, and 1 pound 1 ounce bigger than Addy. I figured it was because I held her in longer - I was so determined to be in our new house before she was born. And it worked! Morgan arrived on the day we moved in. She was born at 7:30am and Mitch left at 8:00 to go meet the movers. What a day!

Unfortunately strep throat has been running around our house and Morgan came down with it on her birthday. Since she was feeling lousy we didn't get many happy smiles.
As you can see here:

She perked up after she got to eat some of the cake though!

And she loves her new "ride ride".

All content after opening her presents.


designwaitress said...

Happy Birthday, Cutie!!! Your gift will be in the mail soon. It's wrapped at least.
Hope you're feeling better :)
Aunt Jess

Avery said...

Happy Birthday, Morgan! Sorry you are feeling so cruddy---hopefully you will feel better soon!

by the way, you are looking more and more like your daddy!

Karlie Grace said...

Happy 2nd Birthday sweet girl, also sending get well soon wishes! Hugs from Southern Indiana!

Brooklyn and Kelly said...

Erin - the cake looked great!! :) hope everyone is feeling better these days! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY Morgan!