Tuesday, March 24, 2009

more trip pictures

The weather in Gulf Shores turned MUCH nicer and sunnier (is that a word?) so we had lots of time on the beach! The only person that didn't like it so much was Morgan, so she was absent from many of the pictures.

First and most fun - Riley's friend Avery came to visit! She is so adorable, and gave Riley some kisses on the shoulder!

I think this is the one and only time Morgan actually got out of my arms on the beach. Sometimes she sat on my lap and played with a bucket and shovel, but mostly she just wanted to stay inside. Maybe she'll have more fun next year!

Addy made friends wherever she went and had a ton of fun!

I love this picture of Riley!

Riley fell once and landed in the water - she giggled so much that we just let her sit there with the water coming over her legs. She loved it!

I had to take a picture of the sleeping angel.


Avery said...

love those pics of our girls! Cant wait to see yall again! maybe you need to make this a yearly event :)

Brooklyn and Kelly said...

HOW FUN!! I absolutley LOVE the pictures od Riley and Avery - they are both so adorable!!