Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gulf Shores

Despite some rain yesterday we are enjoying our trip! We spent some time on the beach on Sunday and everyone loved it!
Addy played in the water a little, even though she swore she'd never swim in the ocean because there might be sharks.

Riley was so incredibly happy on the beach which was a HUGE turnaround from last week. We're not sure if it was residual strep throat or a side effect from generic meds but we had lots of screaming last week and our first big smiles in a long time on the beach!

Riley did some walking on the sand, a little unsteady, but she seemed to enjoy it and loved it when the water came up around her feet!

All that walking and the sound of the water wore her out though!

We also spent some time in the indoor pool - we really need to get Riley in swimming lessons since she loves the water so much!
Here she is spending some time in the hot tub with daddy

Morgan was not so thrilled about the water - but of course Addy was a little fish.

Riley did lots of swimming with mom!
Today is looking (or should I say fixin') to be a beautiful day - in fact we are going to go claim our spot on the beach soon!


Avery said...

love those pictures! especially the huge smile of her and mitch!

Brooklyn and Kelly said...

I love to see pictures with great big pictures on our girls faces :)Looks like you all are having fun!

The MacDonald Family said...

The pic of Riley in the hot tub is priceless - beautiful smile!

Karlie Grace said...

Great to see you guys having so much fun at the beach! Such cute family pics!

designwaitress said...

I'm glad you guys are having so much fun! Maybe Morgan needs some swim lessons :)
Enjoy the ocean and pool while you can.
P.S. you look hot.