Saturday, February 7, 2009

days like these

Are why I'm glad I live in Mississippi instead of Minnesota! The weather is just beautiful so while Mitch and my dad are golfing my mom and I took the girls on a walk around the pond at their apartment complex. The path is about 3/4 of a mile long and I'm happy to say Riley walked the whole way! She didn't do much walking last week when she was sick. A day here and there is expected but 3 days in a row of her not wanting to walk gets us a leetle nervous.

But as you can see here she's happy as can be walking outside in the fresh air! For some reason Morgan never wants her picture taken outside!

As warm as it is outside I'm sure the water was cold - Addy is crazy. And if you notice the stuff on her cheek it was World Thinking Day at Girl Scouts this morning and she had some Japanese letters painted on her face. It's not just dirt. :)

We stopped for a while so Riley could sun herself.

Just like the turtles. :)


Caitlyn said...

What a fun day! Riley sure had big smiles in those pictures.

I think days like this are the best!

designwaitress said...

This entry made me SMILE!!

Avery said...

sweet pictures! I love that riley will let you hold her hand and walk---Avery is like walking a cat on a leash!

The MacDonald Family said...

HI! I'm a fellow rett mom and ironically I have 3 small children too. Came across your blog when visiting a mutual friends. Your girls are adorable and this looks like the most gorgeous day! Can't believe Riley walked 3/4 of a mile that's fantastic!!!