Sunday, February 22, 2009

bye-bye, Starbucks

Today at 6pm our Starbucks is closing. Wah.
I admit I've only been there a handful of times - while I love my coffee I am usually just fine with making it at home rather than spending the exra money.
I guess I will miss the ability to go, more than I will actually miss Starbucks. If that makes sense. Yes, there is another one just down the street, and there are others in the area. But this is the nearest drive-thru, so it really sucks that they're closing this particular one!
Life goes on.


Brooklyn and Kelly said...

Bummer...ours closed too - a couple months ago - I am with you - I did not go b=much but knowing I could was nice!!! I am SO jealous of your blus skies in this picture we got snow dumped on us today :(

Caitlyn said...

That does stink...Though it makes me laugh a little...Around here, if "your" starbucks closes, it means you either have to drive a couple more blocks to the next, or it means you might have to go to the one in the grocery store and actually get out of the car! I suppose we live for our "fix" up here..

winterene said...

Can you say which Starbucks this is so I can update my site,

Riley and Family said...

Sure! This is (was) the Starbucks in Madison, MS on Main Street.

designwaitress said...