Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Neuro follow-up

Not much new here - Riley had her 6 month appointment with the neurologist yesterday to get blood drawn to make sure her seizure medicine is helping and not hurting. We were there for a LONG time but Riley handled it like a champ. Except once when she walked right into a ledge that was at face-level. :(

She weighed in at 27 pounds so she hasn't gained anything in the last couple months but hasn't lost either! And she was measured at 38.3 inches tall, for my record.

All looked good though, and we got a prescription for a special needs stroller and a recommendation to attend the conference in May so we can at least use Flex money to pay for that stuff, yay!

Still working on the potty training stuff. Riley wears pullups now and is good about going at school, except for when she naps. Oh well, what can you do!


Brooklyn and Kelly said...

Sounds like a good appointment! YAY! That is always good to hear!

Caitlyn said...

good appointment! I'll see you in VA!!

Karlie Grace said...

I love hearing good check up news and that's fantastic that she's doing so well with potty training! Way to go big girl Riley! I'm so proud of you!

Avery said...

Erin, Riley is really tall! She is a full 2.5 inches taller than Aves!

Forgot to send an email, we switched avery to depakene last week. Isnt that was riley takes?