Saturday, January 3, 2009

a little brag

I know I know, I haven't posted in forever and then here I come bragging on Riley.

We used to be better about putting Riley on the potty to go to the bathroom and then we got not so good. We usually do before bathtime and many times she will go, which is great! Well since she's been home for Christmas break I decided to start trying to put her on in the late morning and she's been going then too! She really seems to "get" it too, she's so proud of herself!

Now if only we could work on the poop side of it. Problem with that is 99% of the time she takes care of that business at naptime so it's hard to catch it. Oh well.

Ok, done with the poop talk. :)


Caitlyn said...

Great Job Riley!!! Caitlyn was really proud of herself when we first started too. She will wake up dry some mornings. It is time consuming to have to help them so much to go, but soooo much easier!

Avery said...

WTG,riley! That is awesome!

Brooklyn and Kelly said...

YAY Riley - how awesome!!! I hope it continues to go well for you!!! I needed that motivation....we have not even begun to try!

Grammy said...

That's great! Brooklyn's preschool teacher wants to help us with potty Kelly said, we just haven't done it. The teacher said they would work with us however many times a day it took! Great job Riley...keep up the good work, and Mama too!

Brooklyn's Grammy