Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to school with haircuts!

We gave Riley a haircut the other night. She has hair like mine - straight on top and curly underneath so it always looks all scraggly. So I gave her some layers and cut the top layer shorter so it wouldn't hang past the curls anymore. I think it looks so cute! I've always liked shoulder length hair on her though.

Addy got a cut too, but not by me! She helped herself to some bangs right before Christmas. They were very short and crooked so my mom took her to a salon last week to get them evened out and she's always wanted her hair cut up to her shoulders so she got that done too. Sigh... I loved her long hair, but I will admit the short hair is MUCH easier to take care of. And it'll always grow back, right?


Brooklyn and Kelly said...

Two BEAUTIFUL haircuts! Althoug htey are both so adorable I think any hair style would work for them!

Avery said...

erin, i think addy cutting her hair is hilarious! she is still adorable and I personally like the shoulder length cut!