Friday, January 30, 2009

who is sleeping in Riley's bed tonight?

No one! She's sleeping at Gramma and Grampa's tonight - they took her since Mitch is out of town this weekend (Cayman Islands - rough!). Just about every weekend they've been here they've taken 1 kid for a weekend night. It's amazing how much quieter the house is with just 2 kids instead of 3, no matter who they take! Morgan hasn't had a turn yet, but I suspect she'd much rather sleep in her own crib anyway. :-)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Someone is 6 today!

Six years ago, early in the morning, I got up to go to the bathroom, sat back down in bed and bam! My water broke and 7 hours later we met our first baby girl!
Happy Birthday, Addy!!!!
Some past birthdays:





Thursday, January 22, 2009


One of my New Year's resolutions is to spend less time on the computer but I also want to keep up with this blog so I'm consolidating my 2 blogs. At first I wanted this blog to be about Rett Syndrome and everything that went along with it and my other one to just be about our family in general. But I've come to find I don't have that much to post about Rett Syndrome all the time!

So rather than try to keep up with 2 blogs I'm just going to update this one.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Neuro follow-up

Not much new here - Riley had her 6 month appointment with the neurologist yesterday to get blood drawn to make sure her seizure medicine is helping and not hurting. We were there for a LONG time but Riley handled it like a champ. Except once when she walked right into a ledge that was at face-level. :(

She weighed in at 27 pounds so she hasn't gained anything in the last couple months but hasn't lost either! And she was measured at 38.3 inches tall, for my record.

All looked good though, and we got a prescription for a special needs stroller and a recommendation to attend the conference in May so we can at least use Flex money to pay for that stuff, yay!

Still working on the potty training stuff. Riley wears pullups now and is good about going at school, except for when she naps. Oh well, what can you do!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to school with haircuts!

We gave Riley a haircut the other night. She has hair like mine - straight on top and curly underneath so it always looks all scraggly. So I gave her some layers and cut the top layer shorter so it wouldn't hang past the curls anymore. I think it looks so cute! I've always liked shoulder length hair on her though.

Addy got a cut too, but not by me! She helped herself to some bangs right before Christmas. They were very short and crooked so my mom took her to a salon last week to get them evened out and she's always wanted her hair cut up to her shoulders so she got that done too. Sigh... I loved her long hair, but I will admit the short hair is MUCH easier to take care of. And it'll always grow back, right?

Christmas break pictures

I finally got the pictures off my camera and on the computer!

These pictures are from Christmas Eve. We went to church, which was pretty early at 4:30. Then the plan was to come home and eat a quick appetizer meal which we had pretty much already made, and then open presents before Riley got too tired. Well the plan failed because Riley started falling asleep at the dinner table at 6:30 so she went to bed and we figured we'd just save her presents for Christmas morning along with Santa's gifts. However after a little "nap" she woke up and joined us for some present action! So that's why she's in her pajammas and the other two are still in their church clothes. :)

I have no idea what this gift was but apparently it was pretty exciting!
The girls got matching/coordinating pajammas from Nana and Papa so they had to put those on right away!

Here's Riley starting to zone again... it was getting way past her bedtime by this point.

We didn't do a whole lot over Christmas break, but one day last week it was really nice outside and I needed to burn off a few of those cookies I ate too much of so we walked down to the playground in our neighborhood. Addy played with some kids while Riley and Morgan walked around the picnic tables and ATE. If there is one thing this break has told me it's that I need to get someone to help me 2-3 days out of the week during the summer. I felt like all I did all day long was feed people! Morgan and Riley have incredible appetites. Whew.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

a little brag

I know I know, I haven't posted in forever and then here I come bragging on Riley.

We used to be better about putting Riley on the potty to go to the bathroom and then we got not so good. We usually do before bathtime and many times she will go, which is great! Well since she's been home for Christmas break I decided to start trying to put her on in the late morning and she's been going then too! She really seems to "get" it too, she's so proud of herself!

Now if only we could work on the poop side of it. Problem with that is 99% of the time she takes care of that business at naptime so it's hard to catch it. Oh well.

Ok, done with the poop talk. :)