Monday, December 22, 2008


I just realized the last picture I took of Riley was on December 5th when we were going to get our tree. Oops! I will have to make sure I take lots on Christmas Eve and morning!

We have been soooo busy lately and it's making me tired and crabby, which I don't like. I usually like the busy-ness of the holiday season but this year I feel like I'm moving a million miles an hour in different directions constantly. It's making me sad that the time is passing so quickly and Christmas Day is almost here and before I know it it'll be over.

Anyway, Riley is doing pretty well. She has been fairly grumpy and hasn't eaten much for the last couple days so I wondered if she was getting sick but at lunch today she ate a billion grapes and now she's happy as can be.

So I guess she just wanted grapes. :)


Brooklyn said...

What an adorable picture of all the girls!

Karlie Grace said...

Your girls are precious. Morgan looks like she's grown a ton since the conference!

Grammy said...

Your girls are absolutely beautiful! What a great picture.
Merry Christmas!

Brooklyn's Grammy