Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Doesn't Riley look so happy to be on the swing?

Actually she was, it's just not a very good picture. :)
Thanks to a wise Rett mom, who happens to live near me, we started Riley on Prevacid last week and she has been much happier. It was getting to the point where she'd cry through breakfast which is normally her best meal of the day. The other mom mentioned acid reflux and I had some prevacid samples hanging around so I tried it and within a day or two we were back to only having our evening fussy time instead of ALL DAY LONG. So that's nice.


Avery said...

Im glad she is feeling better!

Brooklyn said...

I am SO glad that prevacid is working for her!! That swing sure does look fun!!!

designwaitress said...

Yay for Prevacid!!!!