Thursday, November 6, 2008


Riley is home from school because she's sick today. I guess if there's a good day to stay home it was today since Mitch had to leave at 4:30 this morning for the airport and I would have had to wake up Morgan, who is also sick, to take Riley to school. As it turned out Morgan slept until 10:15 this morning, 3 hours later than usual! And yes, I did check to make sure she was still breathing. :)
Riley is currently on her second nap of the morning. Lots of sleeping and just hanging out going on around here today.


Avery said...

poor baby! She looks too sweet curled up on the couch. I cant believe that Morgan slept that late! Nice treat?

designwaitress said...

Bummer! I hope Mitch returns soon. You'll need a vacation after hanging out with sick kids all weekend :)

Brooklyn said...

Awwwww sweet little thing - I hope she feels better soon. I agree with Carrie, she sure looks sweet lying there with her blanket.