Friday, November 14, 2008

Our 2nd visit to UAB

Yesterday was our 6 month appointment at the UAB Rett Clinic. The good news is Riley is growing well! She weighed 27.2 pounds and I can't remember how tall she is now. But she is staying on the curve, even if it's at the bottom.

They also recommended we start giving her Miralax often, as well as gas drops or GasX. And we can increase her dosage of Prevacid and give it to her twice a day. The prevacid seems to have helped her not be AS crabby but she still is a super crabby little girl. Especially in the evenings. We had one night a few nights ago with no crying and even some smiling - she was giving us high fives and so alert and aware. If we had more days like those I'd be in heaven but they are so few and far between.

I really think something is going on with her stomach so hopefully giving her all this stuff will help!

Morgan got to go with us yesterday and at first was a little scared of Dr. Percy but by the end of the appointment she was having him put her shoes on for her! :)


Brooklyn said...

Sounds like a great appointment! Yeah for being on the curve!! :) I hope all of the medicine/ miralax changes help to bring more smiles and high fives!!

Avery said...

Good job Erin and Riley for the weight gain! I hope that the new meds get her tummy back to normal...cant blame her for being fussy if she doesnt feel good!

designwaitress said...

So cute, Morgan!
I'm glad the appointment went well. Hopefully the extra dose of meds will soothe her tummy.
Do they ever give you ideas of foods that might not be as upsetting? Low acid, low sugar? Does she eat veggies? Fruits are pretty acidic. I've had so many acid reflux/gas/bowel issues that I've often been told to watch the foods that are going in.
Too much information? :)

georgiamom said...

Jess - we will have to add gut problems to our list of things to talk about this weekend!!! :)