Friday, September 5, 2008

week one down!

Riley has now been on her seizure medication for one week, which is the time it takes to get in her system. Right now we are giving her one dose at dinner and now we're supposed to increase that by giving her a dose at breakfast as well. We're waiting to see if she is still having seizures though.

So far so good - we haven't noticed any in a few days. This morning she was crying and holding her breath at the breakfast table and that typically leads to what I think is a seizure and it didn't. X your fingers the seizures are DONE, at least for now!


designwaitress said...

My fingers are X'd!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avery said...

riley, you dont look like you feel so are still adorable though!

Avery is starting her seizure medicine tomorrow. I am really nervous about it!

Brooklyn said...

All the Butler's hope the seizures are under control!!! We argree with Carrie - you are ADORABLE!!! I hope you are having a great weekend!

Rebecca said...

How exciting! Good luck! A little bit of info from our experience. Caitlyn's EEG showed that episodes directly following a breath holding spell where not seizure. For us they look the same as her actual seizures, but it was more of a light headed response to the lack of oxygen from the breath holding. Just a thought! It sucks that they are so similar though, because we really don't have a clue how many are happening!