Monday, September 22, 2008

school, church and special needs

I didn't really know what to title this post. :)

I got an email from Karen Patterson of asking me to put together some info about Riley for Riley's teacher! Karen spoke at the SE Rett Conference back in August and we gave Riley's teacher her information and they've been talking. I can't tell you how good it makes me feel to know Riley's teacher is doing everything she can to help Riley and to get her to communicate with us!

Also we are checking out churches in the area and decided to try one yesterday. They had an article in the paper written about them a few weeks ago because they started a special needs ministry there. Normally Riley will sit with us in church but that is getting more and more difficult so I wanted a place where I can feel comfortable leaving her. Well this is the place! I met a few other families with special needs kids and Riley was WELL taken care of during Sunday School and during the service. They actually have her in a sunday school class with her peers and have someone there to shadow her and help her. She loved it! She was all smiles whenever I saw her and was walking around all over the place. And luckily they have tons of kids there so Addy was happy and even Morgan had a good time after she got over her initial separation anxiety. :)

It happened to be a Sunday that a man got up and talked about his own son with special needs which was just coincidence. He touched on some things that rang so true for me. He was honest and said at times it's been hard to feel love for his son. I have been feeling so guilty because there are times I feel just like that and it was nice to know I'm not completely alone.

They are holding a conference on their special needs ministry for teachers, parents and other churches in a couple weeks and we may try to go. To me there's nothing like getting together with other people who truly understand what it means to have a special needs child.


Avery said...

sounds like a great place!
glad riley is getting the attention she so deserves!

Brooklyn said...

That is so GREAT! I am so glad that you found a church that has what you need. That is so great. It is a great feeling when ALL the kiddos are happy after church I bet. And the peace of mind you and Mitch have, that is huge!
I hope you met lots of supportive people at the conference too. I would love t oknow who Riley is doing with the eyes please program too - carrie thinks Brooklyn would do well with it after hearing about it at the conference you all attended.

Caitlyn said...

What a great fit! We have a couple of churches in our area that have Special Needs ministries...I have thought about it, but have been in the same Church since I was 5 yrs old. I'm glad you guys were able to find a great place!

Anonymous said...

Hey, good for you to find a church like that. I agree about meeting others in the same situation. It puts a parent at ease at least a little bit, if not a lot.

I think a lot of Moms have a hard time "feeling the love" for their kids from time to time. You are not alone. This parenting gig is not what we all dreamed it would be. But yet somedays and somehow it's more.