Wednesday, September 24, 2008

feeling crafty

I've been in the crafting mood lately but haven't been sure just what to do. I want to get more involved with this awesome organization called Girl Power 2 Cure. They raise funds for Rett Syndrome research - you can check out Riley's page at

So just for fun I printed out their logo and whipped out some of Addy's craft foam and made a magnet! Ok I know it's a total kid's craft but I didn't say I was a talented crafter. :)

(sorry about the glare - flash at night on a fridge doesn't work all that well)


Anonymous said...

Craft foam is for anyone - not just kids! Heck, I'm gonna whip up some homemade play dough for Me and Bjorn sometime soon here. I'll probably be the one using it!

designwaitress said...

That looks awesome.
Are you going to start selling them? ;)

Brooklyn said...

And will be posted online at Girl Power 2 Cure soon :) I bet there will be lots of Rett Syndrome families having TONS of fun making these. They are so cure Erin!

Grammy said...

Erin, I agree with the others...your flower magnet is really cute...could be a side have more talent that you admit :)

Brooklyn's Grammy