Wednesday, August 13, 2008

ridin' the bus

In the interest of saving gas (and time, I guess) I thought I'd let Riley try taking the bus home. She doesn't seem to mind at all!

School is going well - one week down now! Her teacher sends home a little progress report every day which is nice since Riley can't exactly tell me what she did that day. Most days she needs a short nap in the morning - it's hard getting up at 6:00! She's also been eating foods she normally wouldn't eat at home - like spaghetti.

So far she's been having good days. Today's note said she was moving more independently around the room so that's great! We love school!

Here is a picture of what happens when you leave your 17 month old alone for a minute and a half to upload pictures. Mitch is surprised when I don't have the house spotless now since Addy and Riley are in school. I told him Morgan needs to go to school too before that's going to happen!


Avery said...

told you school would be fun!

Tracy9-15 said...

Oh it looks like Riley loves riding the bus! I hope she is enjoying school.

Brooklyn said...

I adore the picture of her getting off the bus, that is SO cute. I am so glad to hear that she likes school. I know that has to be a huge relief for you! Yeah for Riley!

designwaitress said...

Wow - great update. So glad to hear school is going well so far. LOVE that picture of Morgan's mess!!!!