Monday, August 25, 2008

overdue update

Things have been sort of "blah" here so no posting!

Grandma flew in last Thursday night so that is exciting!!! Unfortunately we've all been sick - starting with Morgan, then Riley, now me! But we still managed to do fun girl things like shopping and eating yummy food.

Today Riley had her first appointment with the neurologist in Mississippi and we really like her! She is very friendly and easy to talk to. I am 99% sure we are going to start Riley on seizure meds in about a week. I had her blood drawn and now we are just waiting to see what her liver and carnitine levels are like before we start. The neuro said we can go ahead with the video EEG if we want but we are fairly positive she is having seizures so we don't really see the need right now. She also said the most common side effect with the seizure med she prescribed (depakote) is increase in appetite and weight gain. Not necessarily a bad thing for my 25.8 pound girl! Riley will also take carnitine as a supplement to help offset any possible bad side effects of the depakote.

Anyway, I'm feeling pretty good about it now, and I understand it all better.

One little picture of Riley watching Addy on the slip n slide. We managed to get a little outside time in before Fay took over and it started raining for the last few days!

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Brooklyn said...

Seizure Meds were a tough step for us to take too.....we are thinking about you guys!