Thursday, August 7, 2008

First Day of School!

It went great!

I woke Riley up at 6:00 so she had enough breakfast and then she napped in the car while we dropped off Addy and went to her school. Her teacher said the first hour she just kind of looked around and got used to the place but she laughed for the last 2 hours. I'm sure not every day will be a great one but it's nice to start the year off right!

There are 4 other kids in Riley's class but only 3 of them were there today. One little boy and the rest GIRLS so yay!
The sun was totally in her face but she looked so cute walking out of the school with her backpack on her back I couldn't resist taking a picture!


Avery said...

looks like fun! glad it went well. Love riley's dress!

designwaitress said...

That first picture cracked me up. They both look so tired - just like me in the morning.
I'm glad her first day went so well!!

Brooklyn said...

Yeah for a good fist day of school! How could it not go well, they both looked so beautiful and yes, seeing riley walking with her backpack in that picture was TOO cute, I am glad you posted it, I love it!

Grammy said...

Brooklyn's class is just the opposite of Riley's......5 boys and only 2 girls. The other girl won't be there until Monday. Brooklyn doesn't seem to mind all the boys, they were in her class last spring. She is the "Belle of the Ball" getting all of their attention.

Avery looked so cute in her school can tell she enjoys it!

Brooklyn's Grammy