Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fun at Grandma and Grandpa's

We are still recovering from our long trip up to Wisconsin! We drove through the night Friday night and slept all day Saturday. I don't think we'll do it again anytime soon, we were all TIRED!

The weather is MUCH cooler here than in Mississippi but it feels nice now. Addy is the only one brave enough to swim in the lake but the rest of us are content to sit on the beach and watch.

Last night we made a campfire down by the lake and roasted marshmallows. Riley loved them!


designwaitress said...

I wish I was there!
It looks like you have a lot of beach area there right now. I remember years when there wasn't that much!
Have fun and let me know when you're leaving.

Avery said...

looks like fun. Riley you are such a cutie!

Brooklyn said...

I hope you all enjoy your time at Grandpa and Grandma's!! You really can't go wrong with smores on the beach!!!