Sunday, June 29, 2008

operation fatten up Riley

I think Riley's Papa called it that. :)

Anyway, it seems to be working! She was 24 pounds 2 months ago and now she's 25.5 pounds!

Our main change to her diet was just switching from skim milk to whole milk. And making sure she gets some sort of good fats during the day like peanut butter and cheese. Breakfast is still cereal but I usually give her shredded wheat instead of cheerios now because it has more calories.


Avery said...

erin, another thing that is working for avery is carnation instant breakfast mixed with her milk 1-2 times a day. It adds 130 calories. I got that idea from kelly. she also gives Brooklyn a special apple juice that is super packed with calories. Avery cant drink juice so we cant do it!

BTW, way to go Riley! Keep eatin'!

Rebecca said...

Fattening is good! Here's a breakfast idea: We found Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls..They have potato, egg, cheese and sausage (or bacon). 3 minutes, and Caitlyn has a hot fatty breakfast! Also, when Caitlyn starts growing inches, we start adding Nestle Table Cream to just about everything. (found in the Hispanic isle in our stores.) I make milk shakes too with Milk, Coconut milk and a banana or strawberries too...Pack on the pounds!! I just have to remember that it is for Caitlyn, not me!

Brooklyn said...

YOU GO RILEY!!! Yea!! Brooklyn still tips the scales at 23 pounds despite our best efforts...UGH! Actually, I need to weigh her...just maybe we have gained lately!