Monday, June 23, 2008

new "faces"!

I see new people are checking out my blog. :) Now I need to update more often. My excuse this time is no internet access until a few days ago. Man, it's tough being disconnected for so long!

Riley is doing great! In fact her worst week was the week I tried that new sitter - I think it was too much sitting and not enough up and around for her.

For the last couple weeks she's had her Nana and Papa here which she LOVES. She's been walking great - maybe a few spills but nothing too rough. And despite the usual battle with consitpation this week she's been really happy.

I took her to a new therapy place last week that has this cool treehouse in it. They happened to be having summer camp going on while we were there and Riley loved walking around and watching all the other kids. I think I'm going to sign her up for a session in July - she loves being around other kids and it's really too hot here to get outside much during the day.

Anyway she had her first speech therapy session there today and did pretty well. Her favorite thing to do was swing though - we need to get our swingset back up! I also got some information on a place 2 hours away that has high tech assistive technology devices so we'll have to check that out. Tomorrow we go back for OT and then we'll probably combine the two sessions next week. We'll be heading up to Wisconsin soon and then school will start just as we get back but I wanted to get something started during the summer - even just to get out and "play".

A few pictures we took last night down by the lake:

Her eyes always looks so dark and pretty and this one captures that I think!

Not sure what Sadie was doing to her...
But apparently she liked it!
I just love pictures like these because they are so "Riley"
One last one by the water!


Brooklyn said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Oh my gosh these pictures melt my heart. The next to last one is my absolute favorite! I just wish I could reach through this screen and give her a big hug. She is so stinkin cute! Glad the move went well, I have missed your blog!

Avery said...

erin, glad things are going well. I like the picture of riley with her hands by her mouth, reminds me of avery!

did you ever start the seizure med?

designwaitress said...

That treehouse looks like so much fun. It sounds like you are pleased with the options available in MS.
Could Riley be any cuter? She's going to be my new screensaver :)

Anonymous said...

she's such a cutie!!

Meribeth said...

oh erin, she is so gorgeous!

that treehouse looks awesome too.