Friday, June 6, 2008


3 reasons why I should love my new babysitter
  1. She has experience with special needs children
  2. She is going to school for childhood development and wants to get into child psychology
  3. She is 35 and a mom so no teenage crap to deal with

3 reasons why I have to fire her

  1. She sits on the couch and watches tv (including HER shows, not even Riley's shows) most of the morning
  2. She feeds Riley lunch on the couch, doesn't even move to the table
  3. She used my computer without my permission (turned it on and used it - I had it turned off)

Just not cool.

Sigh... I hoped she'd be someone who could interact and play with Riley for a couple hours a day a few days each week but it's not looking that way. How can you interact with a child when you're watching tv?

Oh well, maybe someone else will come along!


Avery said...

were you clear what your expectations were? If she really comes with great credentials, I would be willing to set boundries and expectations and give her another chance. Just my 2 cents!

Anonymous said...

Wow -
yeah, doesn't sound like the ideal situation. It's bad enough that she sits in front of the TV when she should be watching & interacting with Riley, but you're paying for it, right?

miss you guys!

Brooklyn said...

Awwwww man....That stinks? Yea, maybe have a chat with her and then if there are no her butt.

Omgirlie said...

that is awful. you haven't had good luck with sitters. at least the last one just ate all your food but she was still good with riley right? this one sounds useless.

love ya...