Wednesday, May 28, 2008

head still spinning

Chicago was great!!

It was also such an emotional rollercoaster for me. In one way I hated being there. I hated hearing about Rett Syndrome all weekend long and I hated being reminded that my daughter has it. But in another way I loved meeting other parents and other beautiful girls and being reminded that I'm not alone. When it was all over Monday I was saying to myself hooray! It's over! But then in the next breath I was sad that I had to go home and return to "normal" life.

The tribute dinner was amazing. I felt like I was at a wedding. It just blew me away that all the people there had a daughter or girl in their life affected by Rett Syndrome, and there we were having a great time together!

I feel like I learned a lot but I still need to process everything. My notes of all the sessions are a mess so I'll need to spend some time organizing everything. One thing I loved hearing over and over was how smart our girls are! They know a lot more than we give them credit for. Riley proved that today by doing a fantastic job identifying pictures this morning. If this conference did anything it gave me the kick in the butt I need to figure out a good way for Riley to communicate with us!

My mind is still a mess from everything, partially because I'm still trying to make up sleep. Riley did not get her best night of sleep Monday night and since we were all in the same hotel room with her, neither did I. Let's just say melatonin doesn't seem to do much good when given in the middle of the night.

But anyway, I loved meeting all the parents and I hope to meet more throughout the year!!

I am not so good with the camera and only took 2 pictures the entire weekend - of the girls sleeping so peacefully when we got back from the hospitality suite Saturday night!


Brooklyn said...

I was SO GLAD I got to finally meet you in person (and meet Mitch and all the girls and you mom too!) Yes, I have that "my head is still spinning" feeling too! Remember, I am here if you need ANYTHING! (Rett related or not!) Next year I will FOR SURE bring Charlie so Mitch will have a friend to play with :)

Avery said...

I plan on bringing Thad next year too!

Rebecca said...

It was exciting to meet you! My head is also still spinning! I realized how much we were doing for Caitlyn that she could do herself. She now picks her own shirts (from a few pre-approved options), her oatmeal flavor, what she wants in her lunch, and we are working much more on the communication aspect...It has made everything go so smoothly. I hope to be able to bring my husband and Caitlyn next year...we'll have to wait and see where it is!