Monday, May 19, 2008

fun weekend

Friday we had Addy's preschool graduation and Riley was in SUCH a good mood! Maybe she was excited to be back at her old preschool again. She went to school there for a few months until she lost the ability to feed herself and pick anything up, then I was afraid it was too much for her teachers. Anyway, Riley had fun walking around and looking at all the people!
Since daddy was home we took the boat out on Saturday. We thought the bright sun and wind might bother Riley but she had a great time!

I had to add one of Sadie since she never gets her picture taken anymore. Poor baby.


Brooklyn said...

You are so beautiful Riley! Brooklyn is just like you - she LOVES the wind in her face! I can't wait to meet you this weekend! I kind of wish I was bringing Brooklyn to so you could meet. I just know you would be the best of buddies!

Avery said...

Im jealous that you guys get to meet! I plan on meeting both of you sometime this summer...
Riley, I love the pictures with your finget by your mouth, you look like you are being shy!

designwaitress said...

OMG, that picture of Sadie is awesome.
Riley looks so dang cute in the picture at her school. She looks so happy! I love it!
I can't wait to hang out with you all this weekend. :)

Karlie's Momma said...

Erin, it was such a pleasure to meet you and your family at the conference. Your girls are beautiful and so sweet. Hopefully i'll have all of our things unpacked tomorrow and i will email you the pics of Riley and Karlie. I hope you had a nice trip home and that your move goes smoothly. Moving is such a tough job, but i know you must be looking forward to getting better services for Riley. Your page is awesome and i'll try to start on Karlie's soon, since this is such a nice way to keep in touch. Much love, Kim