Wednesday, April 16, 2008

yep, seizures

The neuro finally called back and rambled something about the EEG showing discharges on the left side. So he mailed me a prescription to try and now I've got to go get that filled.

It's going to be hard for me, starting this road of medication. I'm the type of person that rarely takes my kids to the doctor outside of their usual checkups. I think they've each been on one round of antibiotics and that's it. Actually I don't think Riley has ever had an antibiotic.

But we need to get these seizures under control, and hopefully her walking will improve after we do. It's gotten really bad again, she is so stiff and shaky when I put her down now.


Brooklyn said...

What medicine are they having you try?

Avery said...

erin, I know exactly how you feel but I learned long ago that medicines can improve quality of life greatly. When Cole was 2.5 we started him on zoloft. I was apprehensive but after only a few days we saw huge improvement. Give it a chance, just think about the possibility of getting riley back to walking well. If it works it will be worth it in the end!

georgiamom said...

Depakene. The side effects scare the crap out of me and I'm wondering if I should wait until our appointment at the Rett Clinic in 2 weeks.

What is Brooklyn on?

Brooklyn said...

Brooklyn is on Keppra. We have had NO side affects with it. You might want to wait....any seizure medicine is scary I think and every gal is different in how they respond to it. Go with your gut.....if you do not feel comfortable, wait.

D'Anne said...

Hi Erin, just checking in on you and sweet Riley... sorry to hear that the EEG showed seizures :(. Did you decide to try the Depakene, or wait for her appt at the Rett clinic? How did her eval with the new speech therapist go?

Hope you all are doing well!

Peace and blessings,