Tuesday, April 22, 2008

my baby is going to school!

And I'm so NERVOUS! She'll start Monday and go from 8:00-11:30 Monday-Thursday. A full day is 8:00-2:00 but I'd rather her come home after lunch and nap at home so I'm just sending her for half days.

She'll get 30 minutes 2x/week of OT, 30 minutes 2x/week of speech and 30 minutes 1x/week of PT. I had hoped for more PT but they insisted the teachers will carry out what the therapists are working on during the week, and she will not be carried around unless it's a fire drill or something. There are 3 teachers and at most 7 students which isn't too bad.

The three main areas I wanted addressed are getting her to make a choice from either pictures or some kind of communication device, having her pick things up with her hands to possibly regain some hand skills and to keep her on her feet so she doesn't completely lose the ability to walk. They're going to work on those things, among others.

Of course this is only going to be for 4 weeks until the school year is over and then we start all over again in Mississippi. But for now I'm feeling pretty good about it! My biggest problem is going to be getting everyone up and out the door by 7:45 -eek!


Avery said...

good for you, Erin! Riley will have a blast at school. Cole loves his teacher and aides. He talks about them all the time!

Mom to 3 girls said...

I'll be praying for you on Monday morning. Its hard for us Mommies to let our babies go to school. But I know she will do great, and so will you! Her therapies at school look great. She is getting more than Lauren gets. That is awesome! Don't let them decrease any of them when you move. : )
I hope Riley's birthday is fantastic! Looking forward to seeing pictures!
Shelley, Lauren's mom

Brooklyn said...

HOW EXCITING (and completely scary too) Brooklyn's birthday is May 13th, We have to decide to start her for 4 weeks or wait till fall. Be sure to let us know how Monday goes!! You will be in my thoughts and prayers!
BIG Hugs from Indiana!