Thursday, April 24, 2008

favorite time of the day

Riley's favorite time has got to be bath time. She loves the water - all the more reason I hope to get her into aquatic therapy after we move. She also loves being wrapped up in her towel afterwards, she was all smiles and giggles last night! Music to my ears.

Here she is, on her last full day of being 2. I used to dread her 3rd birthday - it just seemed like the window of opportunity for getting her early intervention was closing. But now, not so much.


Avery said...

sweet, Riley! Dont you love when you can get a picture without hands in her mouth!?!? Lately the ONLY time Avery's hands arent in her mouth is when she has her armbrace on. Did you ever get one for her?

Rebecca said...

Caitlyn loves the water too! We do adaptive aquatics swimming lessons once a week. They are 1:1 lessons with instructors that are trained by our local children's hospital. It is more expensive than the regular swimming lessons, but cheaper than if we did "private lessons and much cheaper than hydrotherapy! $9 for 1/2 an hour! I'm going to try and get a short video today to post! She loves it!

Brooklyn said...

This picture is ADORABLE! You are such a cutie! Brooklyn loves bath time too - wonder what it is with our girls and their baths....we LOVE the time too!