Monday, April 28, 2008

Birthday in pictures

Riley woke up bright and early like usual - all turned around in her bed! She sure likes to move around a lot at night. See her legs up in the air like that? This is why we moved her to a big girl bed - she's always doing that and got her legs caught in the crib bars too often!
Good Morning Birthday Girl!
Riley's favorite breakfast - Cheerios Oat Cluster Crunch
Playing with her Leapfrog Table - she still loves that thing!
The PT cancelled on us so we went for a walk instead
Then it was time for lunch and nap
After nap Ms. Allicia came to play! They did some walking...
And played with beans, how fun!

We went to a friend's house for dinner - chicken and grapes, yum!
Birthday Princess
Riley wasn't very happy when we sang Happy Birthday - maybe she wasn't impressed with the cake Addy and I made.
She loved the chocolate ice cream though!
After dinner she walked all over the place by herself - she was in heaven!


Rebecca said...

What a fun birthday! My Caitlyn still loves her leap frog table too! She loves to spin the thing that sings the alphabet. Nothing like waking up to the ABC's through the baby monitor!

D'Anne said...

She is just so beautiful!!

Happy Birthday, Riley!!

Avery said...

Riley, looks like a great birthday! Erin, good job on the cake, very cute!

Brooklyn said...

It looks like it was a PERFECT birthday. Although sounds like maybe you all are not so hot singers if she disliked the Happy Birthday song! :) The cake looked great! I am not a baker so....there will not be a homemade cake on our table in a couple weeks! She is such a sweetie! We are having the big girl bed debate right now! Decisions, decisions. Is it going ok with the big bed?