Tuesday, March 4, 2008

maybe a better day

Ok I know we can have a bad day one day, then a good day the next, then a bad day again. BUT today is better than yesterday. Riley crawled over to the trampoline and stood up on her own which she hasn't done much of lately. And so far she hasn't fallen once! But we haven't let her walk all that much either. Baby steps. I'd still like to find a walker she could use so we can let her walk without having to follow right behind her to make sure she doesn't fall. I contacted our EI lady who was supposed to get back to me but hasn't, of course. So for now I guess we'll just have to follow Miss Riley around!

I've also been busy calling people in Mississippi so we can start therapy right away when we get there. Moving is no fun but I am excited to get to a town that has more options!


carrie_akins80 said...

where in MS are you moving? We live on the coast of Alabama. About an hour from MS.

georgiamom said...

Carrie - I'm not sure if this is the correct place to respond to you, I'm still trying to get used to this blog thing! Anyway we are moving to Jackson MS. It seems like it's about 3-4 hours from everywhere so probably not too far from you!!