Tuesday, March 18, 2008

long time no post!

Not a whole lot going on around here. Riley still has her good days and her off days - one day she's walking all over the place and other days she won't unless we hold her hand. But I will say she has been happier lately and (knock on wood) sleeping great! Is it possible the regressive stage is ending? Please oh please? She has been looking skinnier though. We don't need her losing weight now!

Riley's Nana and Papa are here for 3 weeks and Nana takes Riley walking every day - Riley loves it!

Afterwards she was all worn out and fell asleep while Papa read her a book. Riley also loves being read to!


Brooklyn said...

Nana's and Papa's are SO great! I am glad that you are up walking around - I bet Nana LOVES walking with you. I think my favorite picture is of you sleeping while Papa is reading - ADORABLE!
Congrats on the sleeping to - good girl! My prayer is that regression is OVER!!!

Avery said...

Isnt sleep magical? Cole was never a good sleeper, still isn't. Avery is. Hopefully she will stay that way!

Riley looks very happy to have Nana and Papa there.

prayers that regression is over!

designwaitress said...

How cute are those pictures?
My fingers are crossed that her regression period is over.